Travel Outside Connecticut with Paycation Rewards

April 14, 2015 // 0 Comments

You’re probably here trying to start your small business, and you have all these questions on how you can begin. Sure it will take a lot of your time and energy but the end result will be reward. But how can you work hard and enjoy your free time. Well we bring to you a new MLM called Paycation and want to warn you to proceed with caution as this may be a complete waste of your time.

How Does Paycation Work?

This is one of the primary worldwide providers of travel education and services. The name might be new but the truth is that the company has been there for a couple of years under the label Traverus.

Basically, the company re-unveiled with a new identity, some new leaders and a new compensation plan. This is positive in that the company not being a start-up deal, there is no worry of it going out of market in the next few years. As far as the management is concerned, there are some crucial members with an incredible amount of understanding in direct sales. The CEO, Manning David and the president, Mark Campese are business veterans. The newest, Donald Bradley who is the vice president comes from Young Travel Network implying he is an expert in the field of travel-based system marketing. Generally, the company looks solid and the re-launch has undoubtedly breathed new life into it.

The Product Line

In precise, the company trades travel services via network selling business model. Clients get access to car hires and cruises in a discounted fee. The company employs an exceptional group of travel cohorts that help it provide the best variants for its vacation program. Paycation reviews show that partners with Xstream Travel help to provide its members with a professional training in becoming Certified or Referral Travel Consultant experts. Xstream is a 12 year old bonded and accredited travel organisation.

What is Paycation travel rewards

Connecticut Marketing Meetup: New Empower Network iPAS2 System

January 20, 2015 // 0 Comments

Empower Network is releasing another game-changer in the online marketing world with the brand new Kalatu blogging platform. Essentially, Kalatu is a viral blogging platform for WordPress that was created for marketers by marketers. This is why sets Kalatu apart from every other blogging platform on the market.

David Wood, one of the founders of Kalatu recently spoke about the main object of this new blogging system. He said, “What we have done is we’ve made it attractive, we have made a great product, we have made it something that bloggers are going to want to blog on to… they can blog about their passions, and then we’re going to help them to profit from that.” That’s exactly what the Kalatu blogging system is meant to do.

To discuss this in great detail, make sure you find out our Manchester event schedule times and dates before making a decision.

Empower Network Set To Release New Kalatu Viral Blogging System

empower networkThose who have gained access to Kalatu beta are already calling it the “best blogging platform ever.” Those are some serious words for something that hasn’t even publically launched yet.

Kalatu is loaded with features that are meant to make your life, as a blogger, much easier. Along with this new ENv3 viral platform, this will go hand in hand with what many leaders and excited entrepreneurs are calling the best marketing system in the world, iPAS2.